The Festival «Diaghilev. P.S»

18 ноября 2020
The Festival «Diaghilev. P.S" is preparing for a new, anniversary, season. In Honor of its decade, the festival collects a special program: not only world ballet, the best theatre premieres and the loudest names of the world of art and culture. This year we are preparing an extensive additional program, which will decorate the most authentic brain ring among connoisseurs and amateurs.

In November 2019, the audience will see: performance " dedication to lower " by Monte Carlo Ballet, single-act ballet ballet from the theatre " Provincial Dances " (Yekaterinburg) and " Spring Sacred " by ériu dance company (Ireland), concert by Joseph Eyvazov , drama-Opera-Ballet " Carmen " directed by Maxim Didenko and choreographer Vladimir Barnabas (project and idea by Pavel Kapleviča), Pure Dance (" Pure Dance ") by Natalia Osipov and theatre sédlers-Wells (UK), play " idiot " by Japanese The Corpses of karatas and directed by saburo tešigavara, films by mats eca with the participation of ana laguna.

As well as exhibitions, conferences, workshops, quiz, creative meetings and more!
Natalia Plekhanova
General manager
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